Considering the life cycle of RoomMate products, it becomes evident how important the individual phases are in helping us to reduce the impact of our processes on the three areas of sustainability, namely environment, society and economy.

Along the life-cycle, RoomMate products are continuously improved in regard to the three values (ecological, social and economic) of sustainability, and the following products demonstrate this effect.

These improvements to products and life cycle include the introduction to washable microfibre mop pad option, along with a partnership with Terracycle in the future, to bring our products down to 0% waste by 2026. Currently we recommend that our customers recycle all mop pads to lower environmental impact as we continue to work toward a greener future.

About Roommate

The Roommate was developed by a team of designers and industry veterans to solve the problem of more convenient and faster floor cleaning. Our team set out to innovate on a product that would allow users no setup time to begin cleaning and hygienic hands-free disposal.

MOST IMPORTANTLY our products needed to be able to handle the toughest of messes. We are dedicated to bringing reliability and convenience to our users and our team will continue to innovate with no products that make lives easier.